5 Choice of Bank Loans when Needing Financing


As a financial institution authorized to provide a variety of financial facilities, banks not only provide savings services, but also loans. No half-hearted, various loan needs such as financing for homes, vehicles, and even cash loans. Futher reading at http://snowdin.com

The advantage of bank loans lies in the “rules of the game” that have been clearly applied. Unlike various online loans that are on the rise, loans from banks are no longer controversial. Because, the interest is considered more reasonable and follows the rules of the FSA.

Well, for those of you who are in need of financing and cash loans, here are explanations related to various loans from banks.

1. Unsecured Loans

1. Unsecured Loans

Unsecured Credit or KTA is an unsecured loan service. To get this loan service, you are not required to be their customer.

Because there is no guarantee, then based on what the bank can make a decision? Usually banks will access your credit history (loans) recorded at SLIK OJK. The credit history is based on credit card payments, motorcycle loans, or mortgages, and others.

The following are the characteristics of a KTA loan from a bank:

  • The submission process is easier because it does not need a guarantee.
  • The average interest rate offered is fixed or fixed rate. Generally starting from 0.7 percent to a maximum of 2 percent per month.
  • The installment period is between 12-60 months.
  • The loan limit is Rp. 300 million, but it will be adjusted to the income of the prospective debtor (the borrower). That is a maximum of five or six times the income of the debtor.

The document requirements and criteria for debtors include:

  • Minimum age 21 years or married and maximum 55-60 years.
  • Completing the requirements for identity documents (KTP / Passport / SIM), NPWP, proof of income, and photocopies of credit cards.

2. Multipurpose Loans

2. Multipurpose Loans

Multipurpose Credit or KMG is the opposite of KTA. This bank loan product requires prospective debtors to provide collateral or collateral. The bank will estimate the guarantee value as the basis for the amount of the loan to be given.

Guarantees that can be accepted by the bank are cars, motorbikes, home or property certificates, deposits, and there is also a Work Decree.

Following are the characteristics of multipurpose credit, along with a number of advantages over KTA.

  • Interest rates are lower than KTA, which is only 7 percent to 9 percent per year. That means multipurpose loan interest rates are not even up to one percent per month.
  • The installment period is longer, which is more than five years.
  • The loan limit is also much larger, which is up to billions of rupiah. Of course it is also adjusted to the value of the guarantee given by the prospective debtor.

The document requirements and criteria for debtors received include:

  • Minimum age 21 years or married and maximum 55-60 years.
  • Document requirements are almost the same as KTA, namely identity cards, TIN, and proof of income. However, you do not need to attach a photocopy of the credit card but the document of the asset to be guaranteed.

3. People’s Business Credit


Unlike the bank loan mentioned earlier, the People’s Business Credit (KUR) is specifically for business financing needs. With a note, the business must have been productive, so it was not just initiated.

Following are the characteristics of KUR:

  • Especially for business owners, especially MSMEs (Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises).
  • Interest rates are around 7 percent per year, equivalent to 0.41 percent per month.
  • The installment period is almost the same as KTA, which is between 3-5 years.
  • The loan limit is quite large, which is tens to hundreds of millions.

The document requirements and criteria for debtors received include:

  • Prospective debtors have productive businesses that have been operating for a long time. For example, business beauty salons, restaurants, or crafts.
  • Businesses that meet the criteria for this loan have been running for about six months.
  • Complete administrative requirements, including: Personal Identity, Family Card (KK), and business license.

4. Home / Apartment Ownership Loans

4. Home / Apartment Ownership Loans

Unlike the three loans mentioned earlier, bank loan products in the form of Housing Loans (KPR) / Apartment Ownership Loans (KPA) are not cash loans. The bank will provide financing for the purchase of a house or other property which will later be repaid by the borrower.

There are several types of mortgages from banks, namely subsidized mortgages, non-subsidized mortgages, sharia mortgages, and take over mortgages. For KPR or KPA interest, there is a floating rate (floating interest that can change according to the conditions of interest rates) and fixed rate.

Following are the characteristics of KPR / KPA:

  • Mortgage rates are usually around 5 percent per year but can be more than that.
  • The installment period is quite long compared to KTA or KMG, which is up to 20 years.
  • The loan limit is in accordance with the house price from the bank’s estimate. However, it is still adjusted to your income.

The criteria for debtors and the document requirements requested by banks include:

  • Indonesian citizens are at least 18 years old or married and a maximum of 55 years old.
  • Completing documents, including: Identity, TIN, proof of income, transfer of account for the last three months, and work certificate or business permit / practice.

5. Motor Vehicle Loans

5. Motor Vehicle Loans

Vehicle Credit or KKB is a bank financing service for the purchase of motorized vehicles, whether cars or motorbikes. This one bank loan product is arguably less popular than leasing. However, you are worth considering.

Through the KKB, you can repay either new or used vehicles. For DP (Down Payment) or a cash advance is usually about 20-25 percent of total loans. Meanwhile, the installment period is generally a maximum of five or six years.

The criteria for debtors and the document requirements requested by banks include:

  • The age of the debtor is at least 21 years old or married.
  • Have a savings account at the bank where the KKB is submitted.
  • The location of the residence of the prospective debtor or place of business / practice must be the same as the branch office of the account created.
  • Complete the document requirements in the form of an identity card, family card, NPWP, when photographing husband / wife, and proof of income.

The types of bank loans above can be your choice if you need fast funding. It can also be said that so far the best loan interest has come from banks. Now only need to research which bank offers the best loan products according to your needs.

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